Building a self-hosted API with OWIN

Building a self-hosted API with OWIN

So it’s Friday and I haven’t published anything this week yet.  Figured I’d push out a short and quick tutorial on OWIN and give everyone something to play with over the weekend!

What is Owin?

OWIN is an acronym that stands for Open Web Interface for .NET and is meant to define a standard interface between web servers and applications. The goal of OWIN is to decouple servers and applications.  Due to this it encourages the development of simple modules for .NET web development.  Because of this OWIN is great for building small, simple, self-hosted applications.  It’s ability really shines when it comes to the creation of micro-service APIs.  Within this tutorial I will take you through the basic process of creating a small self-hosted API.  We will go from inception all the way to implementation and discuss possible use cases.

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