Code Lint – What is it? What can help?

Code Lint – What is it? What can help?

So what exactly is code lint?  I’m sure we’ve all heard of a linter but how many out there have actually taken the time to sit down and use one?  What are they used for?  Well, getting rid of code lint, of course!  A linter is defined by Wikipedia as:

A linter or lint refers to tools that analyze source code to flag programming errors, bugs, stylistic errors, and suspicious constructs.

So obviously feeding off of the definition of a linter, a good explanation for the lint itself could possibly be clearly defined as:

Code lint is a software programming “smell” that is identified by programming errors, bugs, stylistic errors and/or suspicious constructs.

I personally believe that this is a good explanation to those.  There are linters out there for nearly every language, however; I’m going to focus on JavaScript for soon-to-be apparent reasons.

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