Development Bootcamp

Sorry everyone for not posting as much in the past few days, I have been extremely busy with my project.  I am currently in the Software Development Bootcamp through Provalus, and we have been in our final week getting our Pinnacle Projects ready for presentation.

My project is CodeNet, a social-media platform (akin to Facebook) for software developers, scripters, etc.  While I originally started on it for this project it is a personal obsession of mine and will hopefully be live here within the next week or so.  Right now I am primarily focusing on getting the UI/UX just right, as most of the functionality I want for the initial release is present.  If you want you can check it out on GitHub where I religiously push updates.

I am always willing to accept others’ merges should they fall in line with what I have planned.  So if you want to be a developer on this project by all means jump in and help out!

Back up and running

Welcome all!

Tis I! Sildaekar, Darkvengance, DCCoder, Ernest, whatever you feel like calling me. I managed to use the wayback machine and find a lot of my old posts, turns out a white-paper I wrote on web application security back in 2011 is surprisingly widely referenced. I’m slowly putting everything back together here and will be posting some more and writing more tutorials. I’ve been thinking about even doing some video courses on C#. Continue reading “Back up and running”