Extensions and Apps – Swift

Extensions are an extremely powerful language feature in Swift. It allows you to add new functionality to existing classes and structs. This may sound simple but it opens up opportunity for a lot of tricks and techniques that make it easier to make great code.

We’ll spend some time learning about some extension tricks and techniques including:

1. How to organize your code with extensions
2. Providing default protocol implementations
3. Preserving default struct initializer
4. Providing conditional functionality

Don’t worry if you’re never worked with extensions before, we’ll cover the basics too! Bring a laptop to follow along.

Pizza, Swift Fundamentals, and WWDC

Welcome to our first meetup! During this meeting we’ll be doing the following:

Meet, Greet, and Eat Pizza
— We’ll spend a little time getting to know each other and enjoy some pizza provided by Rural Sourcing, Inc.

Swift Fundamentals
— Bring your MacBook as we take some time to go through a little code and learn some of the basics of Swift.
— This will be great for beginners though I’m hoping that some of our experienced Swift developers can learn and contribute to the conversations.

WWDC Announcements and Info
— Let’s spend a little time talking about the announcements that were made at WWDC and how they’ll impact us.
— Ask questions about my experiences at WWDC 2018.

Please come in via the rear entrance behind the building. See the attached image for its location and where you can park.

Looking forward to meeting everyone!