Play-with-Docker Hands-on Labs: Modernizing Windows Applications!

Join us for the Mobile local edition of this season’s Play-with-Docker workshop series!

The main theme of this global event series is modernizing traditional .NET / Windows applications!

Moving an application to Docker doesn’t mean you have to re-write your whole application. In this hands-on technical lab, you’ll containerize an older, monolithic .NET application without changing any code. And you’ll see the benefit of running it on Docker. Then in a few simple steps, you’ll build additional services in separate containers, breaking features out of the monolith into separate containers, without rewriting the app.

We will also have a number of other labs available on a variety of topics and for different skill levels, including for beginners. Bring your laptop and #LearnDocker.

If you are an advanced user who would like to help people work through the labs, reach out to us using the ‘Contact us’ button at the bottom of the page!

Food and drinks will be provided! Let everyone know you’re coming by using #LearnDocker.

6:00 pm: Doors Open
6:15 pm: Welcome Message & Intro Slides
6:30 pm: Hands-on Labs
8:00 pm: Closing Remarks, Networking

Hosted By
Xiangdong Zhang, Community Leader

Cross-Platform App Development with Xamarin.Forms

Speaker: Alberto Medeiros, Software Engineer
Meeting Topic: Cross-Platform App Development with Xamarin.Forms

Join us this month as we talk about using Xamarin.Forms for cross-platform app development. Learn why developers use Xamarin to build mobile apps and how it compares to other native solutions such as Swift and Java. We’ll also show some practical use-cases to help jumpstart your development in Xamarin.Forms. At this meeting we will detail both Xamarin basics and some more advanced tips and tricks.

And as always, if you want input into the next topic or would like to speak at a meeting, message the Bit-Wizards Facebook Page. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Extensions and Apps – Swift

Extensions are an extremely powerful language feature in Swift. It allows you to add new functionality to existing classes and structs. This may sound simple but it opens up opportunity for a lot of tricks and techniques that make it easier to make great code.

We’ll spend some time learning about some extension tricks and techniques including:

1. How to organize your code with extensions
2. Providing default protocol implementations
3. Preserving default struct initializer
4. Providing conditional functionality

Don’t worry if you’re never worked with extensions before, we’ll cover the basics too! Bring a laptop to follow along.


Converge on downtown Mobile and experience Ten65—a two day event that celebrates music, technology, and the culture of this awesome city on the rise.

ITEN Wired

ITEN WIRED is the Gulf Coast’s premier conference for executives, entrepreneurs, professionals, and educators working in technology. With topics including cybersecurity, tech makers, start-up tech, virtual environments, simulation, and robotics, you’ll be sure to find something inspiring. Expert presenters offer an excellent forum for professional development. Don’t miss this opportunity to exchange ideas and forge new collaborations around innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship.

SQL Saturday

SQLSaturday is a training event for SQL Server professionals and those wanting to learn about SQL Server. Admittance to this event is free, all costs are covered by donations and sponsorships. Please register soon as seating is limited, and let friends and colleagues know about the event.

Why aren’t you using Azure Search?

Open up your website. Click Search. Tell me, do you like what you see? Are you BLOWN AWAY by the functionality? Does it return the exact results you were looking for, and let you customize what you see? I’m betting that there’s more than a little room for improvement. Don’t worry, most people are in the same boat. What if I told you could build amazing search experiences with just a little bit of code – all backed by Microsoft’s Cloud? By implementing Azure Search into your sites, you can quickly provide result faceting, inline highlighting, synonym mapping, and even customized text analyzers. My name is Bryan Soltis and I’m a Technical Evangelist and Kentico and Microsoft Azure MVP. In this session, I’m going to introduce you to this often-overlooked cousin of the Azure family and show you how to build some amazing search solutions. And maybe a few Simpsons quotes along the way.


Bryan Soltis is a Technical Evangelist at Kentico and Microsoft Azure MVP. With nearly 20 years of web development experience, Bryan has completed projects for Microsoft, IMG, HP, and other Fortune 500 companies. A former Azure VTSP, Bryan has developed numerous applications with Microsoft’s cloud and Kentico, including custom software development, integrated solutions, and globally-available enterprise applications. As a Technical Evangelist, Bryan enjoys working with the development community and educating developers on best practices, new technologies, and utilizing .NET, Azure, and Kentico to their fullest potentials. And he really likes beer.

SQL Saturday

SQLSaturday is a global event to bring Information Technology speakers and professionals together for a community-driven, community-attended free day of technical training. The Baton Rouge SQLSaturday event is sponsored by the Baton Rouge SQL Server and .NET User Groups, and will be our annual event on campus at LSU. We expect 600+ regional IT professionals and national speakers to join us. This free conference is open to the public and is perfect for students, CIO’s, database administrators, developers, IT managers, server admins and job-seekers.

Blockchain Training


This course comprises of 5 sessions of 2 hours each. All sessions will follow the schedule below:

  • August 4, 2018 from 9 AM to 11 AM Pacific
  • August 5, 2018 from 9 AM to 11 AM Pacific
  • August 11, 2018 from 9 AM to 11 AM Pacific
  • August 12, 2018 from 9 AM to 11 AM Pacific
  • August 18, 2018 from 9 AM to 11 AM Pacific

Course Overview

The course provides an overview of the Blockchain technology including its history, evolution and the future. Students learn about bitcoin, which is powered by blockchain technology, bitcoin mining, other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Block, Hash, cryptography, how to develop a simple blockchain application.

Who can take this course

Anyone aspiring to learn new technology can take this the course. Students and professionals interested in a career in the blockchain technology should opt for the course.


Programming knowledge is desired but not required. It would be nice if you already have knowledge of Python, JavaScript, NodeJS and ReactJS.
Those who have no programming knowledge will still get a lot of value from taking this course just as a beginner would learn a lot from watching someone cooking a meal or changing a flat tire.

Course Objectives

After completing this Training, you should be able to:

  • Understand the importance of Blockchain technology
  • Perceive, how bitcoin transactions are validated by miners
  • Create and use bitcoin account effectively
  • Have a deep insight into bitcoin and its network
  • Understand Ethereum blockchain
  • Comprehend the cryptography and cryptocurrency concepts
  • Learn Solidity: Prominent language to develop smart contracts
  • Deploy your private blockchain on web where you can visually see your chains
  • Develop private Blockchain in MultiChain
  • Discuss the compelling use-cases of the blockchain
  • Interpret the prospects of blockchain
  • Assess, how blockchain can improve your business standards

Refund Policy

  • 100% refund can be applied if request is initiated 24 before the 1st course session
  • If a class is rescheduled/cancelled by the organizer, registered students will be offered a credit towards any future course or a 100% refund.

IT Gulf Coast Networking & Social

Join your colleagues and friends from IT Gulf Coast, ITEN WIRED, and the IT community at Perfect Plain Brewery for drinks & camaraderie. As always, it’s free for IT Gulf Coast members and their guests.  Please register, so we have an accurate headcount for the venue.