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  • .Net Notebooks

    Whether you’re just documenting how to do something for yourself or you want to share it, so it’s more easily understood by others. A notebook can be a world of difference.

  • Loading Blazor Components at run-time

    So here I am on some much needed time off, and Hurricane Sally decides to come through. Just my luck, my first time taking PTO in over a year and a hurricane decides to lock me down. Either way, I… Read More ›

  • Just tell me what’s wrong!

    So after years of being a developer there is one issue that I keep facing when dealing with customers. Getting them to tell me what’s wrong. I have to be honest, this post is inspired by a co-worker, but I’m… Read More ›

  • A wrinkle in time

    There are many aggravating things in programming. You have race conditions, thread locks, cache validation, and many others, but one thing can be one of the biggest headaches if not taken into account. Time. Handling time sounds like a fairly… Read More ›

  • Moving time!

    So after about 3 years of sticking with Siteground, I decided to finally look for something different. After a while of looking I finally decided to go with, I mean why not? They have a simple interface, their personal… Read More ›

  • The cringe – Recruiters


    I regularly receive emails from various recruiters and companies seeking developers or other IT personnel. While understandably these individuals are just trying to do a job, a lot of these cold-calls and cold-emails are enough to make me cringe. So… Read More ›

  • The trouble with OpenSource

    It’s no secret that the world runs on open-source. From our Apache and NGinx webservers, our Ubuntu server OS’s, even our .NET and python programming languages. However, how many think that this could potentially be an issue?

  • The move to API Driven Development

    Throughout my time developing software I have seen many different architectures, but on some of my recent projects, there is one that stands above the rest. API Driven Development. I absolutely love this architecture and I’m sure most of you… Read More ›

  • Working with collections – IAsyncEnumerable

    Perhaps the most exciting feature in C# 8.0 was IAsyncEnumerable. At work, we have been dealing with a LOT of async calls. Prior we were having to block the thread just to get the data, and process it accordingly. One… Read More ›

  • AWS Secret Storage


    Working with any form of a secret in development such as usernames, connection strings, passwords, etc is always difficult. Simply finding a convenient and efficient way of storing them without putting them in source control can be a daunting task…. Read More ›